Domestic container shipping

Domestic container shipping

Hi, Novosibirsk!

The company opened a new branch in Novosibirsk on October 3st 2017

Hi, Novosibirsk!

Railway and multimodal container transportation within Russian Federation with the transport company "Way Group" is an effective solution for your business.

Our transportation services:

  1. Railway transportation within Russia in containers;
  2. Delivery of goods by Regular Rail Container Services;
  3. Acceptance and taking out  containers to the warehouse in the regions where the company is present;
  4. "Door-to-door" container delivery service;
  5. Container shipping to remote areas of Siberia by Yenisei and Lena rivers;
  6. Container shipping to Sakhalin, Kamchatka;
  7. Forwarding of dispatch / acceptance of goods, including recalculation of cargos (photo, video report).

Choosing Way Group, you get an optimal price, flexible financial solutions and an effective opportunity to reduce your transportation costs.

  • 130 132 containers (TEUs) have been transported to the moment

What are the benefits of transport company “Way Group”?

  • A team of professionals with many years of experience in transport business;
  • Own trucks to ensure prompt taking out the containers in cities of our branches;
  • Modern software equipment and information support, including on-line tracking of each container along the route;
  • Partnership with the company Transcontainer, as well as with other owners of line equipment;
  • Operating and managing container stock;
  • Own terminals to store empty containers and accumulate ship lots of cargos;
  • Prompt workflow, we provide to our clients all needed reports;

We are oriented on long-term cooperation and would be glad to see you and your company among our clients!

Scheme of process

  • Calculation
    We get acquainted and get from you as much as possible full information about the transportation you need and the specification of your cargo. Our experts calculate and offer you the best delivery way: route, mode of transport and transport costs
  • Contract
    We agree with you the costs, terms of delivery and terms of payment. We fix all arrangements in the Contract and the Addendums to it. You get a personal manager. You can apply for transportation by any way: e-mail, web-site.
  • Transport documents
    We promptly issue all necessary transport documents and scheme of loading according to specification of cargo and demands of Railway
  • Loading
    We take out the container to the warehouse of the Shipper for loading, load and send the container from the departure station. If necessary, we provide cross-docking and loading/ unloading services at our own terminals.
  • Transportation
    Different ways of container delivery by railway or multimodal service: station-station, warehouse-station, station-warehouse or warehouse-warehouse. We guarantee operative feedback about the dislocation of the goods on the whole route by any way: e-mail, phone, web-site.
  • Report
    Upon the fact of delivery, we promptly provide you the originals of all necessary closing documents: a report, an invoice, a bill of lading and others.

Transportation company “Way Group” provides railway and multimodal container shipping services throughout the territory of Russia.

Container transportation by railway is a guarantee of efficiency, reliability and safety. The using of container simplifies the process of loading and unloading, gives the possibility to control the dislocation of your cargo and guarantees its high safety.

Cargoes are delivered in 20-foot and 40-foot containers. The company has the opportunity and resources to provide quality container transportation services  practically in any region of Russia.

Way Group. Any ways!