Oversized cargo transportation

Way Group has a rich experience in transporting oversized cargos by rail and by over-the-road transport. Our company has a long-term experience in project transportation and we are ready to take even the most challenging tasks.

“Way Group” provides you with the shipping expertise for a full range of heavy weight and over dimensional freight:

  • Project Cargo;
  • Heavy Machinery;
  • Energy Plant Equipment and Supplies;
  • Aircraft Engines and Parts;
  • Vehicles and Boats;
  • Equipment for the oil and gas and mining industries;
  • Heavy weight and oversized cargo worldwide;
  • And other large, heavy, oversized, or odd-shaped cargo.
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8 arguments to choose the transport company “Way Group”:

  1. Branches in the seaports of Vladivostok and Nakhodka and in Zabaikalsk;
  2. Presence in the staff of developers of cargo fastening schemes, loading masters with many years of experience in the industry;
  3. Specialized railway rolling stock for transportation of oversized cargo;
  4. Specialized vehicles for oversized cargo transportation;
  5. A team of professionals;
  6. Full financial responsibility for your cargo;
  7. 16 branches all over Russia;
  8. Prompt workflow, we provide to our clients all needed reports.
  • 2 779 projects we have implemented so far


Transportation of OVC & OWC cargo. Any kind of transport. A wide network of branches. Flexible solutions.

We have already implemented hundreds of projects for the delivery of large-sized structures, machinery and equipment in, from and within Russia. We repeatedly moved large factories. We guarantee a quick quatation, a loyal price policy and a clear delivery organization. We are focused on long-term cooperation and will be glad to see you and your company among our regular customers and partners!